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Originally Posted by ozmigration123 View Post
My partner is on a tourist visa which expires soon. We lodged for the 820 visa just over two months ago and have not received a bridging visa A. There are no conditions on the tourist visa except 3 months of study and work restrictions. We have got a medicare card based on the 820 acknowledgement letter.

We have called immigration a few times about BVA and every time on the phone we have been told that an internal email has been sent to the processing officer and they will get back to us. They also told us that if nothing is received 2 days before the tourist visa expires then ring us again and we will treat as an urgent request at that time and prioritise it. I have read on the forum some people called immigration on the same day of visa expiring and they were granted BVA.

I will definitely call immigration again next week, but I want to know

1. On the immi account, under the bridging visa tab, there is an option to apply for Bridging visa A/B/C. I asked the immigration on phone about it and they told me there should not be a need for that. Should we apply for bridging visa A through the portal?

2. Can we apply for another tourist visa onshore? If we apply, will we get a BVA in this case while it's been processed?

3. Is there any other visa category we can apply?

4. Should we go through the complaints line and raise it with them?

5. Could there be any reason for not granting the BVA?

6. Should we really wait until 2 days before the tourist visa expires?

Have a good weekend and thanks for your help.
Hi can I ask on your status about the bridging visa A? Did they tell you what is happening?
I am planning to apply for a partner visa this November and I am just so stressed on what are the real requirements. I have fully loaded of documents but doesnt really know what are the real ones to submit...Any inputs from you would be so much appreciAted. I am from the Philippines and I am in a more than 3 years de facto relationship with my partner (aussie)

Thanks in advance.

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