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Hi can I ask on your status about the bridging visa A? Did they tell you what is happening?
I am planning to apply for a partner visa this November and I am just so stressed on what are the real requirements. I have fully loaded of documents but doesnt really know what are the real ones to submit...Any inputs from you would be so much appreciAted. I am from the Philippines and I am in a more than 3 years de facto relationship with my partner (aussie)

Thanks in advance.
My Filipino partner and I have almost 4 years de facto, living together in Phils for 2 years then I returned to Oz. She came here on a tourist visa in October 2018 October and we applied for Partner Visa in January this year. She received Bridging Visa A and Medicare as soon as our application was accepted and she has been working since April this year.

We used an agent every step of the way and all Filipino/Australian partners that we know used an agent. I don't think it's an easy process for Filipinos to come to Australia. It's not worth the risk of doing it all yourself.

I would advise any Filipino to use an agent for any visa to Australia.
Thanks..can I ask if you personally know
Your migration agent? My partner and I doesnt know one and where and who to talk to....
Thanks again

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