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Originally Posted by Sputnick View Post
The forum has been quiet for a few weeks. Anyone else have any updates?

My summary so far :
18th May 2018 - Applied for PMV, front loaded Medical and all PCCs. I am an Australian citizen and partner is Malawian

1st August 2019 - first contact from DHA for RFI and updated PCCs

19th August 2019 - evidence submitted with PCCs from the countries we had resided in since application was made

27th Sept 2019 - received request from case officer for PCCs for my partner from 2 countries resided in last 10 years but not since application made.

11th Oct 2019 - submitted PCCs as requested. Email from case officer on same day now requesting a PCC for me from a country that I have never resided in entire life. Emailed back to ask why with no answer to date.

16th October 2019 - investigated with the police from the country requested by CO and told that I am unable to get a PCC from them as I had never resided in the country. Submitted a stat Dec to CO stating this the same day.

Now just waiting again....
Great news... finally we received the visa grant letter this morning

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