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Hi how are ya , if you drop back anyway.

Me l've always had a love of older places and renovating so l've gone for that sort of thing. lt also gives you the chance to build equity in a just a few years. As well as lower repayments if you pick something up ran down a bit.
Where as buying new things either have to go up or you need to pay it down before you have much equity.

But if l wasn't concerned about any of that stuff , l'd buy new.
Because as soon as the economy starts sliding they start doing great deals again and really at the same price often less than a renovated second hand house anyway, but your living in a brand new place , day one, how cool would that be. All l've lived in is renovators .

So if your not into renovating often a brand new house is about the same price anyway.
l do love the charm in many older places though too myself.

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