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Originally Posted by Vessna56 View Post
Originally Posted by Hassali.abdi View Post
Depends on when you got your Permanent Visa. I arrived in May 2015.

I applied and did the test already.
Hi Hassali<img src="" border="0" alt="" title="Smile" class="inlineimg" />

I got my Permanent in October 2016 and I made a mistake when I said that I arrived in May.Actually I arrived in June 2015.Would you like to tell me pls what all I need to do at this last stage to became an citizen.

Thank you for your help <img src="" border="0" alt="" title="Smile" class="inlineimg" />
Then you were eligible to apply citizenship in May if:

1. You never had a gab without visa since 2015.
2. You have not spent more than 12 months overseas over the period of 4 years.
3. You have not been absent from Australia for more than 90 days over the last year of your 4 years stay.

I arrived in May 2015 and applied in May 2019. Exactly 4 years from arrival date.

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