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Originally Posted by lolalol View Post
Hey Guys,

I could not find a lot of posts on this topic. We are a couple on bridging visa at the moment. Our current lease for unit is set to expire later this year. If we dont get the result on our prospective visa application for subclass 190 by then, will the owner renew our lease? Has anyone been through a similar experience? Are there any caveats we should be aware of? Any other pointers for the same?

Logically visa status should have nothing to do with leases as long as you have a valid visa.

PS - we are living in NSW.
Yes, you can still get a lease while on a bridging visa.

I checked with my daughter who is a property manager.

However, she did say that some landlords may refuse, if they know, so it is best to check with the specific property owner.

Presumably some will, and some won't permit it.

But if they don't ask, then they won't even consider it an issue.

There are about 2 million different landlords in Australia. They can each make their own rules on who they lease to.
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