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Originally Posted by gdenk View Post
Thanks for the reply.

I will definitely do that when I have my next tax return. Hopefully, it'll all be cleared up by then.

From what I understand, it's countries like the UK that have reciprocal tax agreements for workers who will be affected. I think that's why the girl won the case in Australia, because the tax laws broke the international agreement between the two countries.
Justice Logan also stated:

Crucially in this case, Ms Addy lived primarily at a share house in Sydney's Earlwood during her working holiday and made only brief visits interstate, including on one occasion to work on a horse farm in Western Australia.

It meant she was considered a "resident" for tax purposes in Australia, while many other holidaymakers adopting a more itinerant backpacking lifestyle are considered non-residents.

Professor Richard Vann, an expert in tax law at the University of Sydney, said:

If working holidaymakers travelled "more or less continuously and work and live in several different places around Australia, which will be common for backpackers, they will not be Australian tax residents and so cannot avail themselves of the non-discrimination argument which succeeded in this case".

Tax is never simple...
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