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Hi everyone,
My CO messaged this Friday asking for this:

"Evidence of your relationship with your de facto partner
- Evidence of contact while apart 2013-2017
- Photos with friends and family
- Etc"

In our application it CLEARLY states June 29 2017 as the beginning of the de facto rel.
We explained though and have given proof that that we have been romantically involved as boyfriend and girlfriend from 2013, but started living as de facto partners from 2017.

I can only give photos from when my partner was over, twice within those 4 years as we were both students. But his parents have been over thrice and I spent time with them as well. I have actually already given all these photos along with statements of our families that states our relationship.

How important is it to prove that there is relationship prior to living together because we did not write 2013 as beginning of de facto application!

What is the best way to explain this to our CO and how do I contact them?

Do you all have any advice? I am very anxious and I'm having a bad case of panic attack because of this.

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