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Need an advice regarding a joint lease for my partner’s friend while 820 is still in

Hello people, I have been lurking this forum for advice and suggestions. The advice here are gold. At that time I didn’t think I would need to register and ask questions

I applied for 820 visa last November and have received an acknowledgment letter a year later that my application is in process. But that’s not what I’m here for

My partner is asked for a favour by his long time friend to help her with her lease. They know each other for 25+ years. She’s a single mom, unemployed and been rejected from 30 leasing applications she applied to. She thinks if someone is on joint lease with her, she would have a better chance of getting a new house. She is in desperate situation. Recently just got her 4th eviction notice

Her plan was to get joint lease with my partner and get him out of the lease in 3 months. He will be “moving in” with her on paper for those 3 months but physically he’s still living with me. We, as partners, will be doing our days as usual

We are keen to help her but wanted to do more research into this matter and what implications it would have

I turned to my immigration agent for advice, they say it’s a bad idea. Although we won’t be telling immigration, the department has many ways to check. It’s better to keep things clean and simple. She was furious that we can’t help her. She claimed that no way the department has any access to my partner’s rental history and my agent is telling lies. She has severed contact with us now

So what do you think?

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