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Talking States guy eyeing to be a Sydneysider in 2020

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to introduce myself. I'm just a 38yo dude from California who met the girl (from Australia) of his dreams ~ 8 months ago while she was on vacation here in SoCal. In short, 3-4 hours of daily conversations later, numerous trips back and forth (both of us), we're tying the knot. In fact, proposing this XMas season while she visits. Yes, she knows the gist, but not the details. Gotta have some sort of surprise right?

My hope is that by Q2 next year, I will have rented out my home here in SoCal, get things on autopilot, and finally be full time in Sydney on a 820 visa after my tourist visa expires. It seems that there are lots of posts, old and new to sort through. I hope you all don't mind if I may ask some redundant questions along the way.


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