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Originally Posted by michirumaeda View Post
Where did read you about the co-tenancy you quoted? I would like to read more into it

That's unfortunate you had a friend like that
This is for QLD:
Your co-tenant cannot end their part of or the whole tenancy agreement by simply sending a Notice of Intention to Leave to the agent or lessor.

There is something similar at:

Rules may vary in different states, but basically when you sign a lease, it is normally for a fixed term, and the landlord can hold you to that term, and for any repairs etc., after vacating.

As an ex-landlord, I would consider the tenant with money as the Head Tenant, and would wish the full term to be covered by that person. Hence not permitting the end of the lease, in that name, until the term is up, or everyone has vacated and paid in full.

The "friend" could of course force your partner to keep paying, or report their "relationship" provable by rental agreement, to Immigration..

Not worth the risk.
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