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Originally Posted by elle99 View Post
Does anyone have any experience with this? The link from Aus immi is no longer working & the consulates have no information on this, and the Ghanaian police website does not seem to have an option to apply online. We no longer know anyone in Ghana - so not sure how to accomplish this <img src="" border="0" alt="" title="Confused" class="inlineimg" />
Police Clearance For Applicants Outside Ghana

If you have resided in Ghana but presently in a foreign country and needs a police report, the applicant may be required to apply through someone, preferably a relative who will fill all details on your behalf. In this case, your fingerprints cannot be taken but other details provided are enough for the police to furnish you with the needed report. Once your representative calls at the police CID Headquarters, he is made to fill CID FORM 196 (NOMINAL VETTING ON BEHALF OF APPLICANT NOT RESIDENT IN GHANA). Information required in this regard includes basic personal details, passport details, two passport-size photographs, educational history and brief information on your representative. Applicants are expected to pay an official fee of $200 dollars (in Ghana Cedis) equivalent.

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