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Originally Posted by JandE View Post
Originally Posted by Huenad View Post
Hey, guys! Decided to join today, because probably someone can help me here.
Does anyone know what is going on in London office? We applied in April, in July we provided all needed information, button “I confirm that ....” is pressed, status - further assessment. Checking up different forums, and everything seems really bad. No RFI since June, no grants since June.
I hope someone can share some information about London office.
Married and living together, met in 2017, no kids, no previous marriages/sponsorships
Thank you
July to September were very quiet for 309 grants from London, but I have seen six granted in Oct and Nov, taking between 9 and 12 months.

If you have lodged everything needed, you may not even get an RFI.
Thanks for your reply. We got RFI and we attached needed docs, medicine and biometric. I even managed to change my surname And passport details due to getting a new one. Even sent emails to officers, got reply back that all good and we provided everything they needed. No word since July.
Thank you for your help

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