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It seems they don't believe you will leave Australia after your visa ends given you don't have family/friends here to visit and you also come from a high risk area (Africa) for overstayers. You can try to apply again but I suspect you will have the same outcome. If you want to try again, I'd strongly suggest you engage the services of a migration agent to assist you with your application.
Thanks for your respond, I do have traveling history on my previous passport but unfortunately I lost it but I can present a police report which I had to get my new passport and my flight ticket, but as a tourist do I have to declare family or relatives because I didn't choose the option yes.
I have been to 3 different countries in my old passport, Korea, dubai and Turkey and my maximum stay is 10 days and I can show my flight ticket and with police report to proof that I obtained a new passport also... But I don't have any family or friends living in Australia and also do I need to declare, please what do I have to do as this is just a tourist visa which is not must to have someone living there in Australia.

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