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Work for same employer under different contract?

Hi there,

I have been working in a plant nursery in Melbourne since last year September, being recruited on a weekly basis by a recruitment app called Sidekicker. I am currently running close to the deadline of my 6-month cap of my WHV (although I entered my second year WHV in October - not sure if relevant though).

My employer is really satisfied with my work and would like to keep me on board. As I am currently recruited and payed by Sidekicker, does this mean that I could engage in a new casual contract directly with the employer without breaching my 6-month maximum? I would assume that since their ABN are different, this should be alright. But I would still like to double check, since I'll be applying for a partner visa shortly. So I can't really afford any type of breach on my current visa.

Hope that you could help a brother out here.

Thanks in advance,


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