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Urgent Help

Hi Guys ! I appreciate everyone over here who are helping others &. Especially the Admins who helping the needy ones through thick & thin.I need your urgent help for my Permanent residence matter. . I have lived with my wife for about 4 years
She is a lawyer & understands the law very well. We applied the the application for family 801 subclass & i got it recently. She’s has been very very abusive in every aspect throughout the whole time with me but I did my best and stayed with her & got my PR couple of days ago. What can she do to prevent my citizenship if I leave her now ‘? I have lived in a very absusive relationship & I dont want it anymore . Physically, mentally, financially everywhere she’s done her best . I really loved her. I dont want her to be charged with DV unless she does something to me. I did with her pre-nup aswell . If divorce happens , I ll have to pay her 500 $ k . She’s a lawyer.She has told me she ll kick me out of the country if I ll leave her. Can she cancel my PR ? Can she prevent my citizenship ? No one can imagine how bad She has been with me during whole time I ll really appreciate your help guys

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