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Originally Posted by kath83 View Post
The situation is..

My husband is currently with me in Sydney on a Tourist Visa..

The status of his application at the moment is all documents have been lodged in. The last document was an Fbi clearance which finally arrived.

I emailed the case officer, to ask what happens next.

Her reply confused me, she said that for the application to be placed in queue for finalisation my husband has to go back overseas for finalisation.

I think I read somewhere in one of the threads here, that the applicant can stay in Australia until decision has been made and then they have to depart australia to get the visa..

I think I've confused anyone reading this..

Please explain!

thank you..
well if you have applied for off shore visa your husband has to go back to his country to receive the visa i asked immigiration before if i went to aus in visitor visa will i get my 309 and 100 visa in case its approved the answer was no
you have to go back to receive it where you applied