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Wanderer thank you very much for your replies and your time of course.

Although I am studying the DIACs web site since April i didn't pay attention to state sponsorship until now. As i found in some websites the Victorias SMP will be anounced in 1st of November. I couldn't understand how is possible to be sponsored from a state goverment and not be in priority group 2. I give you exactly as it written from the priority proccessing pdf. Is it possible after i receive the results of the assessment, to apply for the visa and for the sponsorship at the same time or i must obtain the sponorship first and then apply for the visa?

"Occupations on the SOL - Schedule 3 in effect at 1 July 2010 priority group 3

All applicants with a nominated occupation on the SOL - Schedule 3 are included in priority group 3. This includes both independent applicants and applicants sponsored by an Australian family member or nominated by a state or territory government (but not on a state migration plan). "