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Originally Posted by Princess1981 View Post
hi, maybe a naive question here: isn't the person who issued your acknowledgement letter actually your case officer?

in my acknowledgement letter, the PDF file, at the very end, "Your sincerely...**.***, Position Number ******", isn't that my assigned case officer? or that's my misunderstanding!?

Thank you
Hi, I don't know for certain, but I just checked my acknowledgement letter and it doesn't have any signature at all. It just says "Sincerely, Administration Team." So it seems unlikely to me that the person who signed yours is your case officer; rather, I think it was probably someone in administration. It's my understanding that your case officer will contact you later if you have any missing information or if they decide to do an interview. Some people don't ever hear from their case officer, but are instead just granted their visa.

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