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Originally Posted by n_jonck View Post
Hi All
I have read through most of the De Facto posts and it seems that everyone has more or less the same concerns about providing enough evidence to support their applications. I would like to post my situation simply because I have not seen any similar posts on here, which may make this one unique. Hopefully your response to this post will not only help me but also others with similar situations in the future.

I have met my partner in the United Arab Emirates. She the sponser, I'm from good old South Africa. Long story short, it's illegal for unmarried couples to live together here. (How you can stay in a hotel as an unmarried couple is beyond me) We do however live together like everyone else. The police tend to turn a blind eye towards westerners; however people have been caught in the past. (Raids on shared accommodation of 2008-09 if anyone is familiar with the Dubai) I would however never put her name on the any of the bills or the rental contract simply not to draw attention to the fact that we are unmarried and living together. Maximum penalty is jail if being caught. Having a shared bank account is impossible. You have to be married.

How do we go about providing enough information that we have been living together? Will this be considered a special case?

My situation is similar. Two years ago my Egyptian partner and I lived together for 5 months. (I'm Australian) Then for the past 13 months we've lived together in Egypt again but we could not get any evidence of this. Each time I have visited him in Egypt and spent time here we have got an unofficial marriage contract called an "orfi" marriage contract which stops us getting into trouble with the police. Tonight the owner of the flat we are renting has agreed to give us a statement tomorrow saying he has let the flat to us both for a year. Is this enough along with 3 of his relatives' statements saying that they consider us to be a couple?.....or should we apply for the PMV because less evidence is required for that? I have to go back to Oz for my job next week so we'd better get our act together soon.