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Facts &Tips for Partner Visa 820/801 Online Applications

I have been hearing of Migration Agents preferring to still submit paper applications on behalf of their clients as the online system contains glitches.

I have used the online system for application of 820/801 on the third day it was made available.

Here are some useful tips if things seem to be going wrong:

1. When you write your statements in the boxes about the history of the relationship, nature of the household etc. do not copy and paste from a Word Document. Although copying from Word is easier, you are bound to come across some problems. For example, the apostrophe from Word will not be accepted in the Immi online system. You can Copy and Paste, then go through the box to check for punctuation that the ImmiAccount does not accept and edit them.

2. Note that the boxes only accept 2000 characters! This is not much at all to tell the history of your relationship. However, you can always attach it at the end.

3. You will need to submit the 820 application and pay before you will be asked to attach documents.

4. You will need to submit the 820 application and pay before you will be able to continue further with the Sponsor form.

5. There are extra questions that perhaps you were not ready to answer that are not in the paper forms. For example, the date of marriage of your parents and all your married siblings.

6. Just a tip, fill out the paper form, print it, and use it as a reference when doing the online application.

7. You cannot continue with the next question and come back to a question later. You can save and exit at the question you cannot fill, but not go further unless it is filled. However, for example, you can fill in a fake parents date of marriage and go on to the next few questions and come back to it once you know the answer, but I don't recommend it. People forget.

8. Fact: You will receive your acknowledgement letter and bridging visa letter via email once you hit the 'Pay Now' button. Your receipt will also be generated.

Any other facts and tips, add them here.
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820/801 lodged online 11/12/13.
820 granted 30/5/15.
801 applied 18/01/16. PR granted 11/05/16.
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