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Originally Posted by Ozz777 View Post
Hello everyone, I lodged my 820/801 onshore partner application on Feb 23rd, 2012 and it was approved on Aug 31st, 2013. If I'm correct, that was over an 18 month wait. I know how frustrating the wait can be, and I often thought of giving up and going home, but I'm glad I didn't. And the good news is, because it took so long for the first stage, I'm nearly ready to apply for permanent residency. So, try not to stress and worry, and enjoy your new country and the time with your family and new friends. Before you know it, it will all be over and be one of those stories you tell your grandkids. Lol Merry Christmas and Happy New Residents Year!
18 months onshore and from a low-risk country. That is wrong and sad! But congrats ...
I'm the Sponsor!
820/801 lodged online 11/12/13.
820 granted 30/5/15.
801 applied 18/01/16. PR granted 11/05/16.
Citizenship applied 11/05/17.

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