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how hard is it to actually get work here in Australia

Before i start i would like you to know I am working after allot of hard work and allot of expense, so i find a few people working in the medical industry who have so much experience in other fields, technicians, Drivers HGV, mechanics, nurses ( they work as carers) and engineers. I asked why they didnt work in there own field of profession and there answers were simple

1. Australia dont recognize there qualifications they have gained in there own countries.
2. there required to obtain more certificates from Australia which is costing them an awful lot of money which they dont have until they get work, makes sense.
3. once they do gain the certificates required no one will employ them until they have gained experience and most times they require the experience from Australia.
4, now this area bothered me allot, racism people wont employ them because of there race......

So i took on a task of applying for a security officer, now i have had 12 years with full experience and qualifications in this field, so i applied to a few companies here in W/A for positions they had advertised, there answer was blunt and to the point
1. i need more qualifications, WTHell i worked with the police force up till last year in the security department and the hospital, not even 1 year has passed without experience.
2. I need to gain experience in a company in Australia for 6 months before i am even considered..... i cannot work voluntary because of the risk,s involved
3, As i am a female i wouldnt be considered for the majority of positions due the fact that they are lets say a little high risk and certain areas of the jobs advertised are basically aimed at the male population......

My topic here is this does this happen to allot of people, are you working in a job totally out of your profession.
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