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From what I know, many offices no longer accept in person applications and only accept applications sent by post.

We chose the online route and haven't regretted it! Apparently there were some bugs early on, but we haven't encountered any. It cuts down on the amount of work required since you don't need to type contents pages or statements for each section (as some people are inclined to do with the paper applications).

It's all very neat and organised with attachment links for each piece of information or evidence (evidence sections are further broken down with drop down menus describing the type of evidence) plus you can put in a brief description of the evidence when you upload the file, so you don't have to worry about your CO not understanding what you are showing them. The different attachment links have a further information icon which really helps to clear up exactly what they are asking for. There are no questions about how to present the application because it can only be presented in the way they have pre-determined due to the checklist of attachments.

We got my husband's BVA within an hour of submission and access to the checklist by the next day. We are able to continuously upload more evidence easily (we don't have to email or send in) and every piece of evidence has an electronic "trail" so it can't go missing in the post etc.

If you scan and upload colour copies, you don't need to certify anything, which is a real bonus.

I don't have experience with the paper version, but I'm really happy with the online version and we found it very user friendly once we figured out that the checklist only appears after the initial application and payment is submitted - we panicked at first because we had no idea how we were going to submit our evidence.

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