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Originally Posted by voebe View Post
Hi All

Im new to this forum and have read the many posts from everyone and they really helped when I was preparing my partner visa (820/801) application.

I find the visa timeline thread to be encouraging but I feel some of the timelines would be better split up into high risk and low risk threads. When I read how quickly some of the low risk applications were processed ( 1 week was the quickest I saw) I start to get really discouraged. One person I had been following applied on the same date I did and got their CO and their visa within 1 week. If the department really is processing applications in the order they come surely I too should have a case officer assigned by now???

If you have recently applied or have been approved for a spouse/partner visa and you are from a high risk country please feel free to share your timeline, experiences or just general words of encouragement.

Heres mine:
Date of application: 1 April 2011
Nationality: Zimbabwean
Visa type: 820/801
Offshore/onshore: Onshore, Sydney
Medicals submitted (yes/no): Yes 6 April 2011
Police check submitted (yes/no): Yes 6 April 2011
Date CO assigned: Not yet
Date Visa granted: Not yet
I think you are a bit unreal expecting anything this quckly. My wife is Chinese (a high risk country) and we applied off shore and it took us over 5 months