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Date of application: February 5th, 2011

Nationality: Canadian

Visa type: Partner visa (temporary/permanent)

Offshore/onshore: Onshore

Medicals submitted (yes/no): Yes, submitted April 14, 2011

Police check submitted (yes/no): Canadian Police check submitted February 15th, 2011. AFP check submitted June 5th, 2011

Date CO assigned: to my knowledge I was never assigned a CO.

Date visa granted: June 24th, 2011. I never received any email confirmation, just a letter in the mail on June 29th.

I sent in the application on February 5 but was lacking a lot of the necessary paperwork. The medicals could only be done in places that are hours away from where I live and had to be scheduled according to my fiance's holiday time. I also ran into trouble with my Canadian birth certificate and lost six weeks in the process of sending paperwork back to Canada then waiting for it to come back to me in Australia.

Advice: have all of your paperwork ready, or as much of it ready, as you possibly can. It'll shorten the process and make everyone's lives (yours included!) much easier.