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Is your student visa finished? Just wondering as it is important to remember your BVA visa doesn't come into effect until your current visa runs out. As far as I know you can't cancel your current visa and go onto a BVA, you have to wait for the expiry date so if you are on a student visa you will still only be allowed to work 20 hours.

Originally Posted by Miri24 View Post
Hello everyone,

I finally applied for my 820/801 visa last week and received my acknowledgement letter for a valid visa application yesterday so my official date of application is the 10.03.2014.
I've been in Australia for nearly 3.5 years, 1 year Work and travel, the rest student visa and been with my partner a little over 3 years now but couldn't apply before as he was just granted his PR a few months back.

I'm originally from Germany, my partner is from Bangladesh. I submitted a decision ready application with all medicals and police checks done. Within the BVA grant notice I received, it states the waiting time is currently 9-13 months but hoping it won't take that long, but you never know
My previous visa was a student visa and I'm just glad that I'm now finally allowed to work full time without having to lodge another request to do so as I was afraid I might stay on the 20hr restriction.

My only concern is that my partner couldn't really show much of a work history as he was self employed the last 3 years without much income and just signed a full time contract (thank god!) just in time before we applied. He also had a massive operation 2 years back which made him unable to work properly for quite a long time so I was the one supporting him^^... Finally, it's all going back to normal and I'm so happy that we've passed those last quite rough years and looking forward to settle properly in OZ...

I couldn't figure out how to add a timeline to my posts, anyone knows how to do it?

Cheers and good luck everyone


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