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Originally Posted by nitka View Post

I am a bit confused. You wrote that partner visas are not capped. My CO wrote to me last week that: "Due to the limited numbers of visas that can be granted we can not guarantee ... bla bla bla". According to what she said, it seems that partner visas are capped....... and so it seems when one reads the threads on the forum... just a bit confused. Not that important though. Nothing left to do but wait....
I used to be confused too. The partner visas are not capped and they will happily tell you this on their website. At the same time, they have 'planning levels' which they happily tell you too.

When they reach their planning levels they will...... not cap numbers, of *course* not. Heh. The law may not allow them to cap but nor does it require them to, e.g. assign an adequate number of case officers to process them this year rather than next. But don't go calling it a cap!