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820 Onshore Partner visa application

Ok here goes...

Me: UK Citizen Partner: Australian Citizen
Relationship commenced April 2009
In Defacto since December 2009 (albeit have had to live apart due to my employment/status in the UK).

Since beginning of Dec 2010 we have been continually living in Oz as defacto (12 month career break from my employers over in the UK). I am currently on a 676 long stay visa (12 months).

We are now putting together our application for our 820 onshore visa.
We are a couple and we live together and are very happy. Home, dog, share our families and friends etc. and are just like any other couple - we are pulling together the necessary documentation/stat decs/evidence of this. Have sent of police checks and will be going for my meds in October. So should have this info back to put in our application.

We are intending to put our application to Immigation in November 2010 at which point we will have spent +380 days under the same roof as defacto at home living together .... this is not counting our time in the UK.
I think this will cover the 12 month requirement (albeit the majority of that time is from December 2010). Any advice welcome

Thanks and best wishes