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Talking 820 De Facto - GRANTED!

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that our partner visa application was granted today words fall short.

We applied in Melbourne, onshore de facto, on 23 January 2013. We saw others around us granted before us and along the year and a half long way things were tough, as a tumour was found in my partner's brain. Immigration confirmed this did not affect the application or processing methods or speed - which we did not expect it to, to begin with. But if anyone is ever in a similar situation - fyi.

I am mainly posting this to thank those of you who advised and supported along the way... Mark you are an invaluable, incredible human being - thank you for sharing your knowledge so freely. It is such a profound expression of kindness because you change lives with it, and you comfort those of us who are in an often invisible limbo of the western world.

CollegeGirl, louiseb, Jazzyfizzle... there are so many others but so much time has passed. Thank you. Can never repay the support.

This forum is gold. We applied and got granted without hiring an agent and we had quite a lot of odds against us. We never had much money and we never had bills in both names or housing in both names. We made the best of what we had and a lot of faith in humanity was restored for us when we heard that that was enough. You don't have to have a house, two cars and 1,5 kids. You don't need to stay at hotels together every month. You don't need to have the perfect case to be a valid case.

I will share some tips about our application in the appropriate thread later this week, for people who are or will be in circumstances similar to ours.

Just thank you all. From the bottom of our hearts.

Nelly & James
From: The Netherlands
Visa Sub: 820 Partner Temp Onshore (De Facto)
Applied: 23 January 2013 (front loaded)
Application: Paper
Agent: No

Case Officer Assigned: 23 December 2013
Request for More Information: 19 May 2014
Requested Information: Australian Federal Police Check
Supplied on: 26 May 2014
Visa Granted: 4 June 2014

Permanent Stage Application: 22 January 2015