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G'day to you

When my husband and I applied in early 2010 the fee was $1705 for just the application fee, cose we had to lodge offshore it also cost about $100 to send it there as you are not allowed to lodge here in australia for them to internally courier to the other embassy. No it must be posted. The could scan the documents which in my opinon makes more sense cose then everyone has access in immigration but they are not so advanced yet, in some other govt agencies this is what they do so it elivates to a degree documents being lost and everyone can access the documents regards of the size.

The cost is a revenue raiser. No other reasonable explaination.

Wait til you get to the cost of the medical, that will blow your mind, again another revenue raiser.

Every step along the way is revenue raising, I'm speaking from experience.


Originally Posted by Adventuress View Post
Hello everyone,

If you've been researching Australian partner visas, you will have probably already found that the application fee alone is AU$1995 for an offshore application which could result in permanent residency.

I am wondering if anyone has ideas on the reason for its exhorbitant expense.

Here is a comparison of application fees for partner visas in the other top tier countries, from step 1 to permanent residency. Extra costs not considered (i.e. police and medical checks, etc.)

(I'll post links to these as soon as I'm allowed - still a newbie)
  • USA
    Permanent residency for a spouse outside of US
    2 forms (I-130 + DS-130), filing fees: US$420 + US$140
    Total: US$560 = approx. AU$540

    Source: United States Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • Canada
    Application for permanent residency by a spouse
    Processing fees: sponsor CA$75, principal applicant CA$475
    Right of permanent residence (principal applicant only): CA$490
    Total: CA$1040 = approx. AU$990

    Source: Citizenship and Immigration Canada
  • UK
    Application for residency by family of British citizens or settled persons
    Application fee: GBP 810
    Total: approx. AU$1230

    Source: United Kingdom Border Agency
  • NZ
    Application for a resident visa under the family category
    Application fee: NZ$1350
    Migrant levy if and when approved: NZ$310
    Total: NZ$1660 = approx. AU$1280

    Source: Immigration New Zealand
  • Australia
    Application for partner temporary and permanent visa
    Application fee: AU$1995

    Source: Department of Immigration and Citizenship of Australia

When I first started researching requirements for Australian partner visas four years ago, I was shocked to learn that an application could cost so much (and back then the fee was something like $1750). A recent article on this site also stated that partner visa fees will be raised even further in July of this year (2012)!!

I understand that every government has the prerogative to set fees as it wishes, but what could be the reasons it costs so much in Australia specifically as compared to other countires in similar standing? Am I the only one in awe of the mammoth cost required to be with the person closest to your heart in this country?