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Originally Posted by Boboa View Post
Yeah. Ages ago it was almost free . My parents migrated to Germany and it costed them the train ticket only . Now the German Blue card is almost impossible to get.
Funny you say that, because I have a German family friend who, twenty years ago, applied to an Australian embassy for entrance to Australia based on his marriage to his Australian wife, and was granted permanent residency on the spot with no or minimal fees

Here is the link to the article stating that fees will go up again this year. The reason given - so that Australian taxes are no longer subsidising these applications - is valid and will win a lot of approval, but how much will we then be expected to pay? $3000? $4000?

Currently, the application fees charged to people wanting to come to Australia do not cover the cost to the Commonwealth of processing the applications. The changes are projected to generate about $613 million over the next four years in revenue.
This makes me think that the current fee of two grand (ok, ok, short five dollars) doesn't pay the salaries of those who process them, as was suggested earlier.

If fees rise even higher I think many people will take one look and decide 'Australia doesn't want me'. Perhaps that's the idea.