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It is in my hope my comments are not biased, but I believe consensual's opinions are valid. I have been in Australia for over 6 years with no hope in the horizon in all aspects, i.e. career, family, friendships, hobbies, etc, and, although I may sound negative, I would leave back to America if I could, trust me, but I have no way to return there at this point.

My experiences correlate a lot with those members' bad experiences trying to integrate to the Australian system. Menial jobs, corruption in the education system, nepotism and bigotry. It is very easy to get labeled in here for an 'attitude' or any other element; many times it is better to just keep quiet. It is important for us immigrants to understand that locals will always have the preference in any aspect, i.e. jobs, housing. We immigrants come in 2nd or 3rd place by default - this inflates the ego of the locals who lack of solid skills, sometimes. Sometimes I am talked as an ignorant. Just last Sunday a South African was second guessing my communication skills after living in English speaking countries for over 15 years. I think he is deteriorating mentally, so I decided to 'let this go'.

Now, aussiesteve made a good point about her partner. I am not in this forum to initiate arguments or such. I can say that Asians have an easier transition to integrate to the system due to longstanding networks being Chinese, Korean, Japanese and / or other. They only hire people of their own background and are very alienating towards people of other background, yet they claim Australians are racist. In my current, well-known institution, many low admin jobs are ran by people of Chinese background with surnames such as Wong, Chu, Zhang, Lee, and such. The higher level jobs are ran by local Australians, which makes me feel safer. The supermarkets are ran by people of Indian background, so expect their sub-systems of corruption and 'cast' to alienate you further. Yet, they claim Australians are racist.

There are amazing things about this country that you could not experience anywhere else in the world, such as a laidback style. Not to think of the real discrimination that occurs in Asian countries or in the Middle East! I think many of us have high expectations of the lifestyles that this country offers to be similar to the lifestyles we once had in our previous countries.

I was just starting my career in the U.S. when I moved here after being swayed by the government propaganda that the pasture on this side is greener. Many people asked me if I researched further, but all I can research is what is in the Internet, which many times is not true. I correlate with the member img68. He is of 'white' background, but this place is just like the U.S. in the 50's. If you are not too old, you are too fat. If you are not overqualified, you lack local experience. This stigma is too similar to the tall poppy syndrome of the culture. Other countries just give you the 'fair go' no matter what.