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Originally Posted by Bexbob
what kind of work are you doing then?

where did you find your sponsor??

i really want to get out of here lol, but ive read so many people struggling and waiting over 12 months, what advise can you give then if you dont mind, as i have just started the application,

what was involved in the practical?

sorry for all the questions, i hope to be able to answer some for people once me and the missus get out there!

im excited
I'm an industrial electrician working in the mining industry since 2004. And got sponsored by a mining company in Kalgoorlie Western Australia.

The best place to find work is a website but nowhere will even look at you without passing your skills assessment and getting an OTSR Cert.

What's your back ground is it industrial or domestic ?

The practical involves a 40 min theory test so brush up on Power Factor Correction, 3phase formulas, power triangle, sine waves, ohms law and impedance formulas.
Then you have to wire a single phase distribution board with a 2 way lighting circuit and two socket circuits. So there will be bending of PVC conduit involved.

Then you will have to wire a motor control circuit it can be a simple stop start circuit or it can be a forward reverse or a remote stop start or something like that. Once your finished and the circuit is tested the assessor will ask you to leave for a few mins, he will put a fault on the circuit and ask you to find it.

Then comes safe isolation you will have to isolate a circuit, I had to isolate a water heating element. Basically the assessor will be standing beside you and you have to tell him step by step what your doing as your doing it. He deducts marks if you do something unsafe, so you have to test your meter to a known live every time you use it.

Hope this helps a bit give me a shout if you need any more help.
P.S you should be excited I'm only here a month and my mrs and I love it. There is nothing like getting up every morn to sunshine. Oh by the way where is your assessment ?