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Hi I am new, just joined

Hi I have gone through the process of applying and was granted a visa sub class 175 on 27/06/08. I validated it on12/04/2009. It runs out on27/06/2013.

My problem is all my family have visas, wife and 3 daughters, 81/2, 13 and 16 years old.
Over the last few years we have had a few problems, my father died and lost the family business and its taken me till now to get back on my feet.
In the meantime my eldest daughter is taking her A levels and wants to become a doctor, she wont finish her A levels till just after the visa runs out.
Does anyone know if I can get an extension or renew the visa that I have got?
If I go through the process again I may not pass as I am now 44 and wont have enough points.
My brother has been living in Adelaide for 10 years so I suppose I could go down the sponsorship route but I want to go just after my eldest has finished her A levels.
Can anyone shed any light on my situation?