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Originally Posted by robboat View Post
Just to give some perspective with a real life situation.

My daughter is almost 16 and wanted an out of school hours/weekend job.
She had no work experience or qualifications.

Nothing in the papers or online ads.....
Nothing from the applications to KFC, Subways, McDonalds, etc......
So she decided to go looking for work.

She dressed nicely and went shop to shop in our area for about 3 hours asking for any work.
She finally got a start in a nice dress shop as a trainee salesperson selling clothes.....complete with on the job training.

She has only been here 2 years and speaks English with an accent.
But she does have persistence............

Never give up!
Always ask for what you want.
If the first options do not work, then do something else.

Hope this helps.
Good luck!
It is a very good real-life example, indeed. It demonstrates persistence.

However, based on my thread readings, I can see there are many senior members. I am unsure of their age, but I do not think they are 16, or even less than 25. Having said that, their body functions / health conditions are not the same as those of a teenager.

Taking my profile, for example, I did try the door-knocking job seeking method in here. It did not work, unfortunately, for me. I do no think attitude, attire or communications were an issue. Now, do not take me wrong, please, but I do believe a young, attractive female lady will have greater chances of success using such method than a person in his / her 30s, 40s or 50s. Some of these senior members and myself go through depressive moments. Research demonstrates that teenagers are not fully exposed to the real life struggles such as depression, unemployment or being the bread-winner. Even drastic situations as suicide.

When I was in such age bracket (15-25), I do remember going through such adventures! I remember walking miles and miles under the snow to get myself to my job. My body is now worn out. Not my persistence, however.