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I've gotta say - well done this is an amazing forum and it has given me a lot of help for my visa application!!

I have applied for a partner visa a couple of days ago - here are the details!

I am Austrian
my partner australian

applied on 16/2/2012
first contact of CO 20/2/2012
medical test 20/2/2012
police check not yet requested

I have been in Australia for the last two years on a 457 visa and met my partner there.
we spent Christmas with my family in Austria and he went back to Australia to start work again!

can ANYBODY tell me how long it will take till I can go to Australia to be back together with my boy??? the embassy in Austria told me that it will be between 5 and 6 months!! our application map was about 5 cm thick we gave them everything!!

can anybody cheer me up???