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Hi, I am in the same tough spot..only on a bridging visa with no work restrictions , awaiting my partner visa. I have been looking since the middle of January. I have 10 years retail with a large company in the USA. I forget how many applications I have put in with only 1 call back.. It is depressing and hard for me to sit home all day when I am use to working 40 hours a week.. I came to Australia to be with the love of my life. the man I walked away from 26 years ago but never forgot.... It is getting to the point of questioning why I am here if I am just going to be a burden on my husband.. Stress can really mess with your mind .
I feel for you ....And I dont understand why ... when you have the qualifications , you cant get a job..I mean I am no one special but even trying to get a part time position is almost impossible ...and it is not the economy here that is holding me back form work.. The jobs are out there...