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Originally Posted by waitng View Post
Hello all,
I lodged my application for partnet visa from India. which was recived by New Delhi on 15th of May today it is 2 month i have not even received acknowledgement letter, i don't know how long for me to get my process started. This is really hard to get through this painfull period. can someone tell me how this process works. Thankyou
Hey waitng,

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AHC New Delhi is taking 30-31 weeks since date of application to allocate case officer to an application that is roughly 217 days maximum.
Below is the link from AHC New Delhi website which has the current processing time frames of the services they provide:-

As for acknowledgement letter, AHC New Delhi doesn't send it to every applicant. You can call them and check for your peace.

Sorry for being the bearer of bad new but you have a long wait ahead of you. I'd suggest you take up a hobby or something cause this process can drive a person insane especially the lack of communication from AHC's end is the cause of more stress and depression. Current indicative processing time frame as per AHC New Delhi is 8-11 months. The global standard processing time frame as per DIBP is 12 months.

Keep yourself busy and you won't even feel this waiting time.
Hope this helps. Good Luck!!

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