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Please update your flag here .

Thanks for your quick reply.

We have already booked the flights.
Its my mates graduation like a week before so we basically just booked for straight after that.
It was only after we booked a few people have been saying wrong time of year to go to Sydney

I've been to Darwin and the centre and the West Coast before so this trip is soley going to be just the East Coast.

Basically got 3 months to travel up or down (whichever way will be the best because of the time of year were going) and we want to be in the places obviously with the best weather and when it is going to be the best time to go to these place (i.e. most busiest etc..)

EDIT: On a side not when we booked our flights through STA Travel we got this IYTC card for 9 and they said it will be good for hostel discounts etc...
I mentioned the YHA card to him as this is what I used last time and he said the IYTC is alot better.
Is this true?