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Post Partner Visa (309/100) Timeline from India- Australian High Commission New Delhi

Hey Everyone!

Hope everyone is doing well.

Thought its about time to start a thread for applicants of partner (309/100) visa from India. There have been quite a new members from India who have been looking for answers to the very frequently asked questions.

Following is application processing/procedure 101:-
1:- Once VFS delivers the applications to the AHC New Delhi, AHC takes a couple of days to put the applications in some sort of sequence. Then they start sending Acknowledgement Letters of the applications to the applicants.

2. When medicals are requested, book an appointment with your nearest Panel Doctor (usually they will be able to book you in 2 days from the day you call). Below is the link from DIBP website which has a list of Panel Doctors in India:-

The 'Medical Request' letter sent by AHC will have your HAP ID which is linked to your passport.
The applicant must log-on to the 'eMedical' portal to generate their "REFERRAL LETTER". The link to the eMedical portal:-
You need to fill out the details requested by the page and click on "LOGON"
The system will generate you the above mentioned referral letter. This is important as it facilitates in tracking the processing of the medical reports online.
Below are the documents you need to carry with you on the day of appointment (also check the document requirement from the medical center you will be visiting):-
1. Original valid passport (and a photo copy);
2. AHC's Medical Request Letter;
3. eMedical Referral Letter;
4. 4 latest passport size photos;
5. Form 26 and Form 160 is provided by the medical center. (you can fill it out in advance and carry it with you, if you prefer);
6. Medical Examination Fees (varies from center to center)

Cases with no complications get submitted to the DIBP within 5-10 working days, the applicant can logon to the eMedical portal and this time the system will generate a PDF titled "INFORMATION SHEET" which will have the date on which the applicant's reports were submitted to the DIBP. The PDF will read as follows:-
"Health Case Status
This health case was submitted to DIBP on DD MONTH YYYY."

3. The best time to apply for a visitor visa to Australia is right after you submit your partner visa application. As per the AHC New Delhi website, the current processing time frame for visitor visa is 15-20 working days and 1 month as per DIBP global service standard.

4. If you plan to stay offshore, better get a hobby or find something to do that will keep you occupied for at least 9 months since date of application or you will lose your mind waiting for the visa.
As per current update, AHC New Delhi is taking 35-36 weeks since date of application to allocate case officers to the applications. Below is the link with the processing time frames:-
AHC has started allocating case officers to January 2014 applications.

As online partner applications were opened to the offshore applicants on December 9, 2013 the whole process is a ginormous MYSTERY
*** Offshore online applicants please share your experiences with us. Thanks!

- The case officer allocation time frame when I applied in July 2013 was 10-12 weeks since application. I got my case officer at 27 weeks since application. RIDICULOUS!! increase in processing time frames.

5. You should be hearing from AHC either you are nearing the 35-36 weeks since date of application (250 days at least) period or have completed it.
Now a days the case officers call almost all the applicants to either introduce themselves to the applicants, for a brief phone interview and/or request additional documents so GLUE YOUR PHONES TO YOU BUTTS!!
They can also contact the applicants via email, depends on the case officer, what they prefer. Sometimes the case officers call the applicants and request the applicant additional documents but forget to provide their email address. The format for the case officer's email for AHC New Delhi is as follows:
[email protected]
***We should cut them some slack as there are 20 case officer working in AHC New Delhi right now.
FOR VISITOR VISA HOLDERS:- This is the time when you PACK YOUR BAGS AND RUN!!!! Leave Australia ASAP!! Many applications (with no complications) get sent to the final queue on the same day the case officer is allocated.
Sometimes AHC will wait for the applicant to get offshore to send the file to the final queue.

6. If you are requested to submit additional documents, it could be either via email, courier/post or sometimes both, again depends on your case officer.
Many applicants ask how to address the envelopes. Below is the format I use:-
Australian High Commission
Name of the Case Officer:-
Position of the Case Officer:- 12345678
1/50 G Shantipath,
New Delhi 110021
Telephone: +91-11-4139 9900

7. A new rule that has been implemented relating to Indian PCC is that the Passport Seva Kendras (PSK) will now be asking for the case officer's request letter requesting the PCC before they issue one. I'm not sure if this rule has been implemented in each and every PSK in India. It's a very new rule.
I have attached the format of the PCC issued by the PSK.

8. Another major hurdle that many applicants face is that of adding the name of their spouse in their passport(s).
Many PSK don't require the applicants to go for the passport re-issue but some do. In that case the applicant must get their passport re-issued before they apply for a PCC. The PSK won't issue you the PCC unless you get your passport updated.

*** I'm in the middle of the passport re-issue process (adding spouse's name and changing residential address)
Different PSKs follow slightly different rules so you must contact your PSK to get the updated information.

9. Once all the additional documents are submitted to the AHC, your case officer will assess/study them and if everything looks genuine enough and is satisfied, he/she will forward the application for final decision aka final queue aka final assessment.
You case officer will inform via email which goes along the lines of "initial assessment is completed in your application and your application has now been forwarded for final decision".
As per AHC's current trend, they are taking between 35-55 days to approve the visa since the date the file was sent to the final queue (subject to change depending on the volume of applications in hand).
FOR VISITOR VISA HOLDERS:- If you are still onshore, now is the latest you can get offshore to avoid any delays. If you wait for AHC's notification email to notify you to get offshore, you're in for an additional 2-3 months of agonizing wait.

The above happens when the application in the final queue gets to the top of the queue and the applicant is onshore, AHC will notify the applicant and put the file at the bottom of the final queue.
This is for AHC New Delhi:- the applicant is not granted the visa as soon as they get offshore, they will have to wait for the whole 35-55 days (sometimes even longer) for their file to get to the front of the queue AGAIN!

10. If the applicant is offshore, the SCO will finish he final assessment on your file, if everything goes well, he/she will straightaway approve your visa END OF THIS MISERABLE PROCESS!!! You can now go and have a well deserved good night's sleep after 7-8 months of torture, PHEWWW!!!!

AHC New Delhi's indicative processing time frame is 8-10 months and majority of cases (with no complications) are approved within the above time frame; which I think is much better compared to other high risk countries..

Another very common questions is:- Can we request AHC to change the initial entry date?
Answer:- No!! Once the visa is granted, it is impossible to get the initial entry date changed.
The initial entry date is expiry date of either the PCC or the medicals whichever expire first.
Both PCC and medicals are valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

I think I've covered almost everything there is to know about this process for applications lodged in India.
Please feel free to mention anything that I might've missed. Thanks!!

I've been a member of this thread for over a year now and have learnt so much. Thanks to our kind seniors, CollegeGirl, Mark Northam, louiseb, Mish are some of the people whose names I can remember and have ALWAYS! provided invaluable advice and suggestions. A Big Thanks to you and many others whose names I've forgotten

Please also include your application details in your post. thanks
Hope this helps! Good Luck to everyone waiting.
Have a relaxing weekend.

Kind Regards,
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Applied: Australian High Commission, New Delhi
Application Received by AHC: July 22, 2013
Visa Grant Date:October 16, 2014
Eligibility Date: July 22, 2015
Subclass 100 Submission: August 08, 2015
PR Grant Date: December 08, 2015
Citizenship Eligibility: October 20, 2018

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