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Originally Posted by Becky26 View Post
Hey Hassan,

Thank you for your words of encouragement and appreciation. I hope you get your visa soon. You are in my prayers

I forgot to clarify one thing in my post:- The person who sends the applicants the Acknowledgement Letter and/or the request for medicals is unfortunately not the case officer.

I'm not sure about other AHCs , but a 100 percent positive about AHC New Delhi. Many applicants get contacted by AHC between 1-8 weeks of application, the Acknowledgement Letter will also have the name of the officer who works in AHC as a case officer but he/she ISN'T YOUR case officer, so don't get too excited.

I learnt this the hard way, I got my Acknowledgement Letter (with an officer's name and her position number at the bottom) and medical request within 2 days of application and was literally dancing around with pom-poms, thinking that I was going to be getting my visa very soon.
Little did I know!! that she wasn't my case officer and I had to wait for over 27 weeks to get an actual case officer, HELL froze on me and it still hasn't unfrozen till now...LOL Been over 12 months since application and no sign of visa.

Under NO circumstance will AHC allocate case officer to an application before 30-31 weeks since date of application.

Hope this helps. Good Luck!!
Have a great weekend Hassan!

Kind Regards,

Happy weekend to you Becky,

You know, I celebrated very early than required. I read many posts on this forum, saying that CO was assigned minimum 25 weeks from the date of lodgment. I never knew that the person sending the acknowledgement letter is not the exact CO.

The person's address was like this
First name, last Name
Visa Processing Officer
Email: [email protected]
Position number: 123456789
Australia High Commission
Nairobi, Kenya.

My application was sent from Australia through post by My immi agent addressed to the Australia high Commission, Nairobi. They have received on 15th July 2014, then this VPO has sent on 16th July two letters to my agent , 1-acknowledgement letter, 2- Request for Bio-metric data letter

In the later, the person was saying "I" to refer herself(female) request you to provided bio metric data within 14 days at Australia Visa Application Center in Nairobi".

I Provided my Biometric data on 22nd July. I have heard since then from them.

A friend of mine who is currently in QLd, has applied at AHC, Nairobi, in 2011. within the first week, he was called, interviewed given the medical forms and was told during the interview that the lady was her case officer.

Because of all the above circumstances, I thought that the sender was my CO.That is my fault, What a poor applicant I am!

This clarification in fact was desperately needed by me and even others who will celebrate early for nothing.

Thanks Becky, I appreciate this
Lovely weekend to you.

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