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Originally Posted by Jmac01 View Post
Good to hear from you guys!
Bella, where is your partner from? (or you, if you're the one applying for the visa ) We are also in the South Island, I'll see if I can figure out how to message you.
Hi Jennie, I haven't heard of anyone applying from Vietnam - it's an unusual situation that we're in too, Aussie/Brit relationship and living in a third country! Looks like we applied at a similar time, so it will be interesting to talk about similarities/differences. We haven't heard anything from IMMI yet, but figured we won't hear anything for a while!

it will be interesting to see what the time frame is for NZ applications... the subcontractor (?) that processes applications in NZ says on their website that the time frame for the 309 is 12 months, but on the IMMI website it says the time frame is 5 months for low risk countries.
Ignore that timeframe on the Immi website. It has not been updated for at least two years and is very misleading. There's no low-risk embassy anymore with an average of 5 months processing... I really wish they'd just take that wrong information down.
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