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I did end of last year and got 8 for reading. It's pretty easy compared to writing. I will tell you what to do:

First read the questions under each paragraph, and glance over the answers. Try to remember them as much as possible. And now start reading the paragraph, with the intention of finding answers to the questions. Don't try to completely understand the whole paragraph. If you don't remember the questions very well, just keep glancing over the questions as you read two or three sentences.

It's better to understand the questions first. Then you can quickly go over the paragraph. Sometimes answer will be found in the first few sentences, so you can avoid the rest of the paragraph and save lots of time.

Sometimes when we understand the small section of paragraph and go for the questions, I start reading the answers from bottom or randomly in the middle. It also saved me lot of time because mostly they hide the answers towards the bottom (Can't be the case always, but mostly happens).

These are the techniques I used and it worked. I finished before 20 minutes.