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Yeah i realise immi can only go on what you give thats why we are trying to wait as long as possible, it just gets tricky financially w him not able to work and having to leave country every 3 months. But most importantly the longer we wait to apply, the longer it will be till its granted and we can get on with life.
We have talked alot about getting married but in our time frame im not sure it would hold much more weight as immi seems dubious of quicky weddings. (plus i cant bring myself to be one of those people i scoffed at who get married after knowing each other such a short time - i know this is contradicting the fact that i believe im in a defacto relationship anyway) and partner comes from strong catholic (but poor) family of 9, so the church component needs to take place in france blah blah blahcomes down to i want to do the wedding right which even simply will cost a few $$ that we can only save for once he is working haha
Thanks for the advice though.