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Originally Posted by Jmac01 View Post
Haha we are hoping they will say that about us too!
We've been in and out of Australia together about 6 times in the past year, so we are hoping that might help show we are genuine and they will give us a speedy grant!! Of course, it probably doesn't work like that, but we can hope.

No updates from us still, only that we can't upload any documents to our online application at the moment, and we need to upload our NOIM!
Hope you get your upload situation sorted, and fingers super crossed now that they grant my VISA quickly because I've just found out that I have an unexpected bun in the oven. My muffin of doom is throwing a wrench in this whole thing if they don't grant by Jan-ish...

Originally Posted by emkas View Post
@H. Protagonist: what was the process for tourist visa 600 extension? Thanks
Hey, emkas. The process was very simple. Do you have an Immi account? If you do, you can apply electronically (just select that VISA and start a new app) and answer several sets of questions (which if you've done a partner or PMV online app you'll be very familiar with). You'll be asked your reasoning for the extension (visiting family and travel, in my case) and the extension date. They grant 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month extensions, though I think the 12 moth requires special circumstances. I requested 6 months from my current 12 month ETA expiry date. Once you've finished answering everything, submit, pay the fee, and then you'll be taken to a document upload page to attach evidence.

Now, they ask for several things like proof of finances, proof of travel, etc., but I'd only managed to attach my marriage certificate, passport photos, and color passport scan before it was granted. Depending on your sit, they may want more evidence, so don't go by mine. Since I already have a 309 application in, they have my finances, addresses, etc. and maybe that's why they OK-ed it with minimal attachments.

At any rate, that's it. It's always scary to fill one of those out and hit submit, but it went through just fine. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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