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Angry Reverse question: using an Australian Visa credit card in the US

Hello! I don't know where else to ask this, so, please bear with me.

I'm in the US, my fiance is in Adelaide. I'm organizing things for his trip here, booking hotels and buying stuff, and he gave me his Visa credit card information to help put it all together. But I'm running into trouble- I keep not being able to use his card because companies want the billing zip code, and his four digit one doesn't suit their notion of a proper American postcode.

This has been so frustrating; we tried to open a joint bank account, thinking that would make the finances easier, but the bank representative informed us that he would have to make all deposits by wire transfer, along with the hefty fees. That didn't seem worthwhile! Right now we are doing everything through PayPal, which is a pain.

Any recommendations? At this point I'm worried that when he gets here, his card will randomly be rejected. I think I will advise him to PayPal me extra money to cover things, but we have big plans.

In conclusion: GRRRR.