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Hey Ani89! Aw what a cute love story similiar to mine I met my partner over here 4 years ago this upcoming february. We fell in love pretty much instantly, and began a long distance relationship within knowing each other for only 2 months. My partner is from Denver Colorado and I am from the Gold Coast Australia. I went to USA in May 2011 for 3 months to see my partner again after not seeing him for two months and than he came back to Australia in October and commenced his studies in January 2012 at Bond University as that gave us a lot more time together without the worries of visas. Obviously in that year and a half he went back to USA twice to see family, once his student visa ended he applied for a tourist visa and left Australia September 2013. I followed in October 2013 and stayed in U.S for 6 months as I have a B2 visa. Unfortunately I had to leave in April 2014 and that is when my partner and I decided that the best thing for us to do is apply for an Australian De Facto visa as the only way we can stay in America is if we get married and we don't want to rush anything just for a visa we want it to be the perfect timing for us. My partner flew out in July for 10 days and now I won't see him again until October 31st. I will be going to America for one month to catch up with my boyfriend I also have a surprise trip planned for us which he has no idea about! We originally thought we would be approved by January/February but now since the processing times have lengthened it looks like it might be longer than that so we have had to come up with a Plan B. We are going to call immigration in november and see how our visa status is and than hopefully make a decision on what to do from there. We are thinking that I might go back to America in February for a few months and hope that by the end of that few months our visa will be close to being approved or approved. It is very stressful I am a full time manager and am working hard to save as much money as possible so if I do have to go back to America and not have an income I will have savings. Jnix I would like to talk to you too about american immigration as my partner and I too hope to one day live in America once we are married etc. Also do you know much about the B2 visa and whether immigration are tough on lettting people in especially if they have a partner in America. Obviously I dont want to live in America and I dont intend to stay there for a long period of time, its only temporarily given our circumstances.
Applied for Offshore 309 Visa- 19th of July.

Heard from our CO on 9th of January. They have recommended we apply for the BC100 if we have enough evidence. Hopefully see an approval this or next month!

Next time I will see my partner will be 11th of March.

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