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Originally Posted by lauralou View Post
Hi there,

I was hoping someone who's gone through the e-lodgement process for 820/801 partner visa could shed some advice re: "relationship status / date relationship started" issues.

Me and my partner have been in a relationship since June 2012, and de facto since June 2013.
In the very first few pages of the e-lodgement application there is a question "Relationship status", followed by "Date Relationship Began". Does this mean the date when our de facto relationship began? Or the date when we became a couple...
It's confusing because that same question is then asked again in the Sponsor details, and again in the Relationship details.
In the Relationship details, it asks for "Relationship status" followed by "Date committed de facto relationship began"...and then it asks "Date applicant and sponsor committed to a shared life to the exclusion of all others"

Are all of these questions/dates referring to the de facto relationship...?

I can't for the life of me find any threads about this even though I'm sure I've seen someone else wondering this same issue a while back...

Help is much appreciated! Thanks!
The date your relationship started is the date you first started getting serious (dating or corresponding seriously or as you say became a couple) rather than the date you first met.
Your defacto date starts from when you moved in together and started living as though you were married.

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