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Originally Posted by CollegeGirl View Post
Okay, I've been super-delinquent on updating this timeline. So what I've decided to do is just add people who are waiting and the date they applied, and then note when they are granted, rather than keeping track week-to-week of how long it's taking for each one.

We've had some folks on the list forever who I don't *think* have ever come back and said if they were granted, and I suspect most of them have been, so I've contacted them all via private message to see if anyone would respond (and dplunkd has already - thanks! ) so I can get them off the waiting list.

I'm going to comb this thread and the other DC one and look for anyone else who might be waiting, but please comment here again if you'd like to be on the list (that way we'll make sure I get you on it!) and give the date you applied, which visa you applied for (309 or 300) and if you know who it is, your CO's initials. Also, please note if you applied via paper or online as well.

Thanks so much - hoping we can start getting a decent timeline going again so other DC folks will know what to expect!
Hello! We submitted our 309 offshore to DC on March 9, 2014 via online application. Got assigned a CO assigned on August 13 (ML). We only found out we got the CO because she was requesting more information. However, we haven't heard anything back from her even though we've reached out via email. My partner just went back to Australia last week and we're doing long distance until this visa is granted. Starting to go stir crazy considering I have a house, job, and man waiting for me across the ocean. Considering going over on an EMT early November if we don't hear anything by then.

How have you all been contacting the CO's? My CO directed me to contact her through a web submission page which seems ridiculous. I get a reply from a completely different person.

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